michael alexander morris




I am an artist and educator based in Dallas, Texas. I work primarily with film, video, and expanded cinema forms.

My work responds to the rapid changes in how moving images are created and experienced in the 21st century, affirming the traditional space of experiencing cinema while also exploring the implications of new media. I have performed and screened my films and videos at museums, galleries, micro-cinemas, and film festivals internationally, including events at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, The International Symposium of Electronic Art in Vancouver, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival, Crossroads at the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art, and Microscope Gallery. I am currently a visiting lecturer at Southern Methodist University

I have also had an active curatorial practice, programming screenings and exhibitions in collaboration with the Video Association of Dallas, The Texas Theatre, Oak Cliff Film Festival, the Spectacle Society Microcinema, and several collaborations with other venues over the years. I served as the creative director for the Dallas Meianale in 2015 and 2017 and have also been a regular contributor to Dallas Ambient Music Nights.

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My 2018 film ARK will be screening at Artists Television Access as part of Other Cinema's Archive Fever program on December 7th in San Francisco.