michael alexander morris

ARK - 35mm Film Installation    



ARK is a film commissioned by the G. William Jones Film and Video Collection, originally shown as a looping installation, and made from archival 35mm film prints held in the collection’s vaults. The film was installed on a looping 35mm projection system devised by the collection’s archivists. The Ark depicted in the film is intended as a stand-in for the archive, a holding place to preserve films from the passage of time and a refuge from which to repopulate the world with images.

View the installation on Vimeo.

Dallas Morning News

Magic Circle - Interactive Installation - 2016    


glorified Body/Exquisite Corpse glorified Body/Exquisite Corpse glorified Body/Exquisite Corpse

Video projection, contact microphones, custom audio/visual software, live twitter feed, laser etched wood panels, micro controller, capacitance sensors, salt, lamps

Magic Circle was an interactive installation created for Circuit Breaker, a show curated by Danielle Avram at Texas Women’s University and conceived collaboratively with artists Darcy Neal and Luke Harnden. Created in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, the exhibition mused on collaborative strategies for changing reality. Magic Circle addressed this by inviting viewers to collaboratively modify or “bind” a set of live Twitter feeds through an electronically aided “spell”. The piece was electronically and conceptually linked with video sculptures by Harnden and other Twitter-based works by Neal.

View on Vimeo.

Black Boxes and Dark Rooms - Solo Show at Beefhaus - 2016    


Hermeneutic Circle Hermeneutic Circle Epistle (to Jenny Vogel) Negative Theology Negative Theology Sitting Alone in the Dark Sitting Alone in the Dark Magic Circle Fourth Hermeneutic

Black Boxes and Dark Rooms builds on the Hermeneutics Cycle, and carries forward my interest in textual interpretation. The dark room is presented as the social interiority of the cinema, as the gulf of time that makes the interpretation of texts problematic, as the unknown algorithms of the technological “black box”, as the ritual space of magic, and as the anxiety of engaging with finitude.

Included works:

Hermeneutic Circle - color slides, modified projector, closed-circuit video, custom software

Epistle to Jenny - 16mm projection, microcontroller, custom software, live youtube webcast

Negative Theology - photo enlarger, developing chemicals, silver gelatin print, safe light

Siting Alone in the Dark - digital video

Magic Circle - 5 televisions, coax and a/v cables, black video

Fourth Hermeneutic - microcontroller, custom software

to Jenny:
We gather in the darkness to see the magic of new machines.
We draw a circle on the ground to wall out old worlds we can’t control.
We press our tongues against our teeth to rebuild old words.
We pray our letters are read and we are remade in the image of the reader.
We survive as shadows floating in bones.
I’ve lost track of which one of us I am.

View the documentation of time based works on Vimeo.

Watch Sitting Alone in the Dark on Vimeo.

Review by Caleb Mathern here.

Glorified Body/Exquisite Corpse - Webpage - 2015    


glorified Body/Exquisite Corpse Collaboration with Morehshin Allahyari, Cameron Kyle, Martin Back, Alexandria Cole, and Julie Mckendrick.

Glorified Body/Exquisite Corpse is a collaboratively made website consisting of several animated .gifs, each depicting a different quadrant of a human body. Using a similar structure as the surrealist game of the "exquisite corpse", each artist worked without seeing the others' contributions. The result is a ghostly composite, a grouping of moving pixels in the shape of a body, existing momentarily as it's invoked by the browser. Like the glorified body of the crucified Jesus, it passes through walls, appears and disappears, and forfeits its materiality in exchange for a kind of spectral omnipresence.

Created as part of Dwayne Carter's irrational.city exhibition at the Bath House Cultural Center in 2015, and living on here for the foreseeable future.

Phalanx - 2012
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Collaborative Installation with Nick Barbee for Monstrous Couplings at University of Texas-Dallas. Curated by Andy Amato.

1 AU, or exactly 149,597,870,700 metres (92,955,807.273 mi) or approximately the mean Earth-Sun distance
cyanotype, 1 meter x 1 meter

Foot of Iron
cyanotype, 1 foot x 1 foot and 1 cubit x 1 cubit

Boreal Citric Acid
plastic tub, water, bath for cyanotype prints, lemons, hydrogen peroxide, halogen lights

Geometrical Caclulus of the Universal Destinies 8mm film and digital video, 8 minute loop

MM and NB: "We started with the Fourierist Commune that was here in Dallas in the mid 19th century called La Reunion. Thought a commune would be a nice way to frame a collaborative piece. Mike edited together some footage of the land where the commune once stood, as well as a few markers and memorials. We created cyanotypes that are intended to show various forms of measurement, both rational, an AU being rational, as well as a Meter, and more known, albeit less precise measurements based on the body such as cubits and feet. The two parts overlap in the sculptural element, lemons floating in piss yellow water. It is at once a record of the Cyanotype process, and a representation of Fourier's most cited idea of a lemonade sea."

Review by Betsy Lewis: here.

It's Just Meant To Be Installation at Oliver Francis Gallery.  


It's Just Meant To Be at Oliver Francis - Time Based Installations from Michael Morris on Vimeo.

It's Just Meant To Be -16mm loop, 2012

Blue Movie - 3 cyanotype prints, 2012

Blue Movie - cyanotype on 16mm, video loop, 2012

Wheel and Axle Machine - 1/4" tape loop, inherited tape recorder, 2012

A Gentle Mind Confused - 7" records, record player (jacket cover by Rebecca Mir), 2012

A More Perfect Eye - inherited 8mm camera, tripod, cinema light, diffusion material, 2012

For Adam And Allie (wedding gift) - digital video, 2010

Confessors - 8mm film on digital video, 2010